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Differences between Web3 and metaverse

Differences between Web3.0 and metaverse

Differences between Web3 and metaverse
Differences between Web3 and metaverse

Differences between Web3.0 and metaverse

Some people who are unfamiliar with these two developing technologies have confused the terms “Web3” and “Metaverse.”

Although they are closely connected and both claims to transform how we use the Internet, Web3 and the metaverse are not the same thing. One will involve decentralising the Internet, while the other will include building a 3D virtual “new world.”

These two developments, which are still in the phase of construction, have the potential to transform the way we communicate online. So explore for diffrence between web 3.0 and metaverse we will examine the defination of web 3.0 and metaverse.

What is metaverse?

The Metaverse can be considered of as a 3D representation of the digital world that is easily accessible with the help of the internet of things (IoT).  Imagine living in a world where you could see your favourite musician performance live in a virtually concert y or buy for wanted things in person, all from the comfort of your own home.

As one of the latest and most discussed subjects in the technology industry, some companies, like Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, The Sandbox, etc., have been figuring out how to compete on the most recent technological advancement. It is predicted that the concept will expand beyond social media and video games as it continues to advance.

Create your Own Virtual world in metaverse

Metaverse origin

First time metaverse term is used in a novel “Snow Crash in 1992” by Neal Stephenson . In his 2011 book “Ready Player One,” Ernest Cline provided additional explanation of the idea. The term “metaverse” itself refers to a totally digital environment where augmented, virtual, and actual reality are merging.

What is Web3?

People genuinely assume that Web3 is a development over the current web, but it actually represents a change in how the web functions in general. Web 1 was the first version of the internet, in which users had no input or participation and site owners made up the majority of contributors.Click here to explore How Web3 is being used and what problems does it solve?

Then there is web 2, which allows users to engage with the web. In this time, social media and some platform websites like Airbnb, YouTube, Uber, etc. were developed. The web owners have access to users’ data and control over their accounts, which is a drawback of web 2, much like web 1. The demand for  web 3.0 is caused by a lack of privacy and ownership in web 2.

Differences between Web3 and Metaverse

In Web3, users can develop and control their own assets on a decentralised network that is supported by blockchain technology.

Inversely, the metaverse combines several technological components, including virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), 3D holographic avatars, etc., where users can interact with three-dimensional items. Users will be able to interact with other users or items in the virtual space using virtual reality goggles.

Web 3 is focusing on digital infrastructure that will offer more effective solutions to web 2’s issues. The metaverse, which will use all of the current technologies and grow into a large digital world in the future, and also has the potential to absorb both web 2 and web 3.

Fundamental Differences

Building an entire ecosystem is the main goal of the metaverse. Many different tool technology infrastructures are used to construct the Metaverse, including a creator economy, decentralisation, connection, and interfaces.

Web3 is creating a decentralized web which is based on blockchain technology with purpose to remove central control system.

Privacy Challenge

Due to Web3’s secure blockchain infrastructure, user information and data are highly secured in terms of privacy.

Users’ privacy is not sufficiently protected by Metaverse. For instance, its underlying technologies, such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), which it uses to provide an immersive view, could result in the revealing of users’ personal information.


Web3’s main goal is to open up the internet and provide equal access to everyone. This implies that all users will be able to engage equally and that digital companies will no longer be the proprietors of the soul.

While Large IT companies are already attempting to absorb some metaverse companies in order to maintain their dominant power. To ensure that they have control of the metaverse, these organisations are making use of all of their resources.

What makes a connection between the metaverse and web3?

In fact, for the metaverse to function as intended, people must render common activities in 3D within it. When this happens, participant interaction will A new digital economy will result from this, with social interaction and business based on digital assets that web3 will decentralise to allow for safe transactions using NFTs or other assets.

By offering superior services to Web 2 users, Web3 aims to enhance online activities with the help of blockchain technology. This development is a fundamental component of the Metaverse.